Welcome to Baseball History Shorts.

For some time now, Major League Baseball has been posting entire games from baseball’s past onto its Youtube page. These games make for some interesting viewing. In watching a few, I was struck by some of the changes in the sport that could be discovered in these old clips. The first one I happened to notice was from a game played in Olympic Stadium in 1981. Was there really a running track behind home plate? I was struck by this small but curious fact and as I watched more games, I noticed other small details that changed my view of what baseball once was like. I began collecting these clips and it has led to this website.

On Baseball History Shorts, I attempt to document some of these changes through short clips, usually between 30 seconds and three minutes long. We see on-the-field changes related to relief pitchers, batting swings and how fielders back up plays. Perhaps even more interesting are the changes in the aesthetics of the sport. From garish yellow uniform pants to relief pitchers driven onto the field in golfcarts, we will see how the game’s look has evolved through time.

This is not a site collecting the greatest moments of baseball’s past. While there are some famous moments disected here, the mission of Baseball History Shorts is to find the forgotten, commonplace moments from games past, and through them, discover how baseball has evolved in ways rarely acknowledged.





If They Knew Then…